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Bald : how I slowly learned to not hate having no hair (and you can too)

ISBN: 9781800818569
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Profile Trade (UBD)
Origin: GB
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

A warm and funny guide to life in the club that nobody wants to join. Nobody chooses to be bald. Nobody wants to look into the mirror and be confronted with an absence. Nobody gains any comfort from having a slightly better idea of what their skull looks like. Stuart Heritage has been bald for two years. But before he accepted the inevitable, he spent a number of years ineptly trying to conceal this fact with an array of expensive treatments and terrible haircuts. Can a man go bald with dignity? Maybe. But can a man go bald with more dignity than Stuart Heritage? Oh good god yes, and this book is his attempt to make that happen for you. Part-memoir-part-manual, Stuart brings us a self-deprecating, funny and genuinely helpful guide to being bald: what really happens, why it matters and how to feel much less crap about it.