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It goes without saying : taking the guesswork out of your PhD in engineering

ISBN: 9780262548205
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mit Press (UBD)
Origin: US
Release Date: August, 2024

Book Details

It shouldn’t take a PhD to get a PhD, but sometimes the process can seem that confusing-even though, to the mentors and advisors, so obvious that it goes without saying. For doctoral students in engineering confronting this dilemma, Caroline Boudoux, an accomplished researcher and entrepreneur, provides a demystifying guide to the challenges-daunting, seemingly routine, and at times unexpected-of pursuing a PhD in this demanding field. In It Goes without Saying, Boudoux marshals her own considerable experience mentoring graduate students, teaching doctoral workshops, and-not so long ago-earning her own PhD at MIT to give PhD candidates the know-how, and the confidence, to succeed. Among the topics this book takes up are- What a PhD is- the journey, the milestones, and the endgame. Technical questions about what a doctoral project in engineering is and how to lead one. Practical matters including tips on writing, from proposal to dissertation; ethics; and intellectual property. Personal concerns, such as dealing with expectations, imposter syndrome, and stress. From the mundane to the metaphysical, this user-friendly guide gives the doctoral student in engineering the tools to make it from Day 1 to the successful completion of the PhD in a timely, fully informed, and forward-looking manner. The definitive toolkit for doctoral students in engineering on thesis-and journal-article preparation, project (and stress) management, IP protection, collaborations, and other aspects of the PhD journey.