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The art of running : from marathon to Athens on winged feet

ISBN: 9781787705043
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Europa Editions (UBD)
Origin: GB
Release Date: August, 2024

Book Details

In 490 BCE the indefatigable Athenian herald Philippides made his legendary 26 mile run to deliver to the people of Athens news of their city’s victory over the Persians. Each year, all over the world, thousands of athletes and millions of enthusiasts replicate Philippides’s marathon. Why do we run? To what end all the effort and pain? The Greeks were the first to ask these questions and to wonder why we choose to measure ourselves against others; they were also the first to suspend war, politics, and the daily workings of the state to enjoy days’ long public celebrations of athletic prowess. As the pandemic entered its second year, internationally renowned scholar and best-selling author Marcolongo discovers running. In this spirited, generous, and erudite book, she shares not only her scholarship but her own journey to understanding that a healthy body is a healthy mind.