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Queer Eye: find the fab five

ISBN: 9780762482689
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Perseus (ADS)
Origin: US
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

Where’s the Fab Five? At a pride parade? Remodeling a house? At a thrift shop? Find all five members of the cast of Queer Eye -plus Neon the dog and additional hidden items-in more than a dozen unique settings within this original and officially licensed search-and-find activity book. Search for the beloved cast of Queer Eye -plus Antoni’s adorable pooch, Neon-in more than a dozen fun settings within this original officially licensed search-and-find activity book inspired by the Fab Five and their unique areas of expertise. This book also invites you to look for additional items and accessories within each fully illustrated scene. Can you spot JVN’s missing heel? How about Antoni’s bandana? Good luck, queen! 2023 Scout Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.