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Primitive camping and bushcraft

ISBN: 9781956403589
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Us Agency (ADS)
Origin: US
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

In Primitive Camping and Bushcraft, author and outdoor survival expert Chris Speir provides readers with all of the information they need to participate in the most exciting, adventurous type of camping, safely and with confidence. In primitive camping, campers do without the standard resources one can find at a more traditional campsite, making do with whatever they bring in. Chris Speir, an expert at primitive camping technique, is the founder of Speir Outdoors, an online education resource that teaches viewers how to camp, the basics of bushcraft and survival technique, ensuring that every trip into the wild is one taken with confidence in one’s ability to overcome whatever challenge they may come across. In this book, Speir covers a wide range of topics, enhanced throughout with full-color photography the details exactly how to perform each and every technique. Skills and technique covered include: * What to know before you go * Gear – what you should bring and why * Site selection – dangers to look for, available firewood and water resources * Shelter – clothing, fabricated shelters, including A-frames and diamond fly, and hammocks and tents * Water – dangers of camping near water, collecting water, purifying and filtering water * Fire – how to create a fire kit, collect materials and then start a fire * Food – includes what to bring, what to eat and how to prepare it * Cooking – how to cook food over a campfire, use a commercial stove, or make your own Each section is enhanced with bushcraft and survival hacks to help provide extra insights and knowledge for handling camping and survival situations that call for ingenuity in the field.