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Role mate to soul mate

ISBN: 9781637744567
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Benbella Books (UBD)
Origin: US
Release Date: August, 2024

Book Details

Falling in love is natural; sustaining love is unnatural. It requires skills that few of us ever learn, plus the effort to put them into practice. Drawing on 30 years of following up about what did and didn’t work years after couples took his nationwide “Role Mate to Soul Mate” workshops, The New York Times bestselling author Dr. Warren Farrell solved the two most important barriers to sustaining love- handling personal criticism without becoming defensive; and preventing complacency from replacing passion. In this book, you’ll learn concrete practices to- Appreciate your loved one with creativity, consistency, and with five levels of specificity Transform the “Four Depleters of Love” (Criticisms, Complaining, Complacency, and Controlling) into four ways to deepen love Master the “Eleven Soulmate Wisdoms “Create and sustain both a “Conflict-free Zone,” plus a “Caring and Sharing Practice” to resolve conflicts. Play together (“Couples that play together, stay together.”)Create concrete, win-win solutions to your stickiest problems Apply your new skills to family, friends, colleagues-and even political opponents Falling in love is natural; sustaining love is unnatural; it requires skills no one learns, and the discipline to implement them. No book blends the art, discipline, and proven concrete practices to overcome the obstacles to a lifelong love better than Role Mate to Soul Mate.