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The consultant

ISBN: 9781761341670
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin (UBD)
Origin: AU
Release Date: August, 2024

Book Details

Turns out everyone can use a friendly neighbourhood gangster in their life now and again. Jay Malkoun isn’t the type of man who lets a little thing like being blown up slow him down. In March 2019, a car bomb outside a gym in Athens detonated the Mercedes Jay’s children had been riding in less than an hour earlier. It was an explosion heard around the world, as global media, law enforcement agencies & underworld cartels speculated on who had moved to assassinate the former gangster and retired leader of one of the world’s most feared and powerful underworld organisations. There were a hundred possible suspects. Jay has some ideas about it too. Now, in this gripping true crime autobiography, for the first time, Jay tells his story, that of one of the most fascinating and complex figures that Australia has ever given the world. Jay is street-fighter from Melbourne’s roughest suburb who rubs shoulders with movie stars and opera singers. Convicted drug trafficker and champion horse breeder. Survivor of the Melbourne underworld wars, and ten years in Australia’s most brutal prison. Nightclub enforcer and peacemaker. Strip-club mogul and incurable romantic. A family man of deep religious faith who is capable of extreme violence when pushed. A loving father and a loyal son. A negotiator of multi-million-dollar deals in both the boardroom and the backroom. The one-time leader of one of the most influential and powerful outlaw motorcycle clubs the world has ever seen, whose power extends across the globe. Now, the author of this stunning autobiography.