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Sink : a memoir

ISBN: 9781538706183
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (ADS)
Origin: US
Release Date: May, 2024

Book Details

Stranded within an ever-shifting family’s desperate but volatile attempts to love, saddled with a mercurial mother mired in crack addiction and demeaned daily for his perceived weakness, Joseph Earl Thomas grew up feeling he was under constant threat. Roaches fell from the ceiling, colonizing bowls of noodles & cereal boxes. Fists and palms pounded down at school & at home, leaving welts that ached long after they disappeared. An inescapable hunger gnawed at his frequently empty stomach, and requests for food were often met with indifference if not open hostility. Deemed too unlike the other boys to ever gain the acceptance he so desperately desired, he began to escape into fantasy & virtual worlds, wells of happiness in a childhood assailed on all sides. In a series of exacting & fierce vignettes, Thomas guides readers through the unceasing cruelty that defined his circumstances, laying bare the depths of his loneliness and illuminating the vital reprieve geek culture offered him. With remarkable tenderness & devastating clarity, he explores how lessons of toxic masculinity were drilled into his body & the way the cycle of violence permeated the very fabric of his environment. Even in the depths of isolation, there were unexpected moments of joy carved out, from summers where he was freed from the injurious structures of his surroundings to the first glimpses of kinship he caught on his journey to becoming a Pokemon master. SINK follows Thomas’s coming-of-age towards an understanding of what it means to lose the desire to fit in-with his immediate peers, turbulent family, or the world-and how good it feels to build community, love, and salvation on your own terms.