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Returning home to our bodies

ISBN: 9781623179380
Format: Paperback
Publisher: North Atlantic (UBD)
Origin: US
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

Pushing back against a consumerist, pleasure-centric somatics industry that privileges product over process, Abigail Rose Clarke reminds us that truly meaningful embodiment practice nurtures our relationships among self, nature & community. Combining the rigor of the scientific method with the poetry & lyricism of movement & somatic studies, Clarke’s somatic learning system, The Embodiment of Life Method, centres the body as a guide through today’s most seemingly intractable social and environmental challenges, reclaiming the body as a source of liberatory comfort in times of great uncertainty and yet, possibility. With methods honed over decades of inquiry, teaching, and practice, Returning Home to Our Bodies provides a lucid, body-based model of healing and restoration, one that imagines a world beyond systems of domination, marginalization, and isolation to nurture embodied, whole-community liberation.