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Climate change education

ISBN: 9780231202435
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Origin: US
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

Climate change affects every person & society, every community and industry. Education at all levels, in all disciplines, and both inside and outside official institutions must now address climate change & its many effects on social and environmental systems. This book provides a framework for putting climate change at the forefront of educational agendas & pedagogical tools for teaching climate science across local and global settings. Cassie Xu and Radhika Iyengar present evidence-based teaching practices & strategies that are grounded in a broad conception of education & emphasize a systems approach. They share examples of effective approaches in diverse learning environments, not just in classrooms and other formal settings but also informal contexts with communities and families. This book makes the case that students and other learners need to understand climate science and the physical and social impacts of climate change not only to be good citizens but also to be well prepared for different career paths. Xu and Iyengar highlight systemic barriers and inequalities, reflecting on how to bring marginalized voices & perspectives into educational spaces. Providing a foundation for interdisciplinary environmental education, this book underscores that how we teach future generations about climate change will shape our future.