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Chasing shadows : a true story of the mafia, drugs and terrorism

ISBN: 9780349128672
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Abacus Paperback (ADS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: June, 2024

Book Details

A compulsive true crime thriller about modern-day international drugs trafficking, terrorism & the mafia following an investigation driven by one DEA agent, Jack Kelly. Three very different men battle to control their destinies as they hurtle through the hall of mirrors of the global shadow economy. Salvatore Pititto is an ambitious Mafia capo working on a vast cocaine shipment who becomes unexpectedly pulled into an arms-smuggling conspiracy. Jack Kelly, a veteran US Drug Enforcement Administration agent, tasked with following a trail of dirty money across continents from a top-secret investigative unit based in Virginia. Mustafa Badreddine is a ghost-like master terrorist wanted by governments across the world who has been secretly dispatched to Syria for his final mission. Each man, born in radically different circumstances in the 1960s, is in his own way grappling with the powerful and unstoppable forces that shape the world around us; forces which topple governments, send refugees fleeing across borders, and put guns in the hands of mercenaries and militias. Each has devoted his whole life to an institution-the DEA, the Mafia and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah-and each will eventually be destroyed or betrayed by the thing they believe