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Cancer sucks, but you’ll get through it : a guide from detection to remission to getting on with your life

ISBN: 9781506496481
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Broadleaf Books
Origin: US
Release Date: March, 2024

Book Details

Three-time cancer survivor Michelle Rapkin offers an unrivaled guide for anyone who has heard the words, “It’s cancer.” Infused with hope, laughter, and advice, this book curates personal experience with priceless learning from interviews with cancer survivors around the country. Cancer Sucks, but You’ll Get Through It will equip you with the non-medical tools and tips needed to make it through cancer treatment sanely. Surviving cancer–and thriving–isn’t just about medicine. It’s about managing your needs, emotions, relationships, and more. Rapkin is the bedside friend who gives you the inside scoop: why your nose might start running when your hair falls out, how to organize hospital paperwork, what to do when depression rears its head, and even how to talk to your loved ones (and not-so-loved ones) about your diagnosis. There’s a wealth of help in the experience of those who have been there and discovered ways to deal with the many bumps on the cancer journey. “Cancer is a cold planet,” Rapkin says, but she serves as a warm guide to help you sidestep or defuse the buried bombs, both around us and within. Cancer Sucks but You’ll Get Through It offers invaluable relief as you move through the scariest terrain of your life, from someone who’s been there.