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Born into a lie of crime

ISBN: 9780645833003
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Post Script Printing & Publishing
Origin: AU
Release Date: November, 2023

Book Details

Writing from bitter experience, Ron Isherwood has laid bare a boyhood in the tough Melbourne waterfront which inevitably led him to spend nearly two decades of his lifetime in Australian prisons. Ron’s father was an elected member of the feared Painters and Dockers Union. He was tough, violent and merciless. Ron’s uncles, their friends and friends’ friends, were all notorious criminals. By 17 years of age, Ron was already in the renowned Pentridge Prison, charged with four attempted murders. Born Into A Lie of Crime is not pretty reading, but it’s an honest and raw story of a young boy who started of life on the wrong path and never questioned the course he was on, because it was the direction he had learnt on his father’s knee: “Don’t get caught and don’t admit to anything!” Note: the cover pages are real photos of Ron and his police record.