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Transforming the mother wound : sacred practices for healing your inner wise woman through ritual and grounded spirituality

ISBN: 9781401978419
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hay House (UBD)
Origin: US
Release Date: March, 2024

Book Details

Find peace with your mother wound, with nervous-system regulating practices, rituals, and journaling prompts to peel back the layers of soul-wounds and awaken rooted wholeness. “In this work, I undertook to honor the mystery, magic, and the unseen elements of transforming core wounding because life is so much more than what can be quantified through linear science. It is also your multi-dimensionality, your humanity, and spirituality. Let us explore together.” – Monika Carless Founded in earth-based spirituality and mysticism, Transforming the Mother Wound is for anyone who seeks a gentle path to self-healing. This book is organized to help you in Remembering the Self, Finding Reconciliation with the Mother Archetype, Processing Grief and Generational Trauma, and Learning Rituals for Re-Birthing. Its dynamic exploration is focused on transformation at a cellular, intergenerational level, with interactive pages that invite you to participate in your healing journey. Through this journey, you may find that your creativity, intuition, and connection to yourself and all life forms is deepened. Embodied and aligned, your will embark on a new path… one of embracing the medicine of past wounds and becoming fearlessly oneself.