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Languishing : how to feel alive again in a world that wears us down

ISBN: 9781911709510
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Torva (UBD)
Origin: GB
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

Do you feel demotivated and aimless? Are you running on empty? Is it hard to pinpoint what’s wrong? Then you’re languishing, according to Corey Keyes, the sociologist who coined the term. Here he shows you how to flourish. Do you feel demotivated & aimless? Are you running on empty? Is it hard to pinpoint what’s wrong? This is an experience millions of us are struggling with, and until now, we’ve lacked the vocabulary to understand it. But Dr Corey Keyes has identified this feeling as languishing & here he draws on the latest research & real-life case studies to trace its spread to a level of global epidemic, asking the fundamental question of how we find lasting wellbeing. Breaking down the science of emotional exhaustion, Keyes shows that our very obsession with happiness complicates the process of finding it. Only by shifting our focus from feeling good to functioning well can we unlock the key to flourishing. He reveals the choices and mental habits that inadvertently worsen the problem, and shares simple but powerful steps anyone can take to restore meaning, joy, and calm to their lives. Languishing is a must-read for anyone tempted to downplay the feelings of demotivation & emptiness they’ve been experiencing, to help them find true flourishing in our short time on earth.