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Dealing with people you can’t stand: how to bring out the best in people at their worst

ISBN: 9781265459000
Format: Paperback
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (Australia) Pty Limited
Origin: US
Release Date: May, 2024

Book Details

The classic guide to bringing out the best in people at their worst-fully updated for a world that’s meaner, nastier, and more polarized than ever Today, new technologies, the increased role of social media, and the ubiquity of remote work have resulted in more polarized workplaces, the breakdown of social mores, and downright rude behavior. These days, it seems like there are more people we can’t stand-not fewer-and, too often, if we aren’t yelling at each other, we’ve just quit talking altogether. The global bestseller Dealing with People You Can’t Stand has been helping people make the best of tough situations for nearly three decades, and this new edition has been fully updated to address the needs of our time. You’ll learn how to get along and get things done when you’re dealing with people who have the uncanny ability to sabotage, derail, and interfere with your plans, needs, and wants.