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12 questions for love : a guide to intimate conversations and deeper relationships

ISBN: 9781632174901
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Sasquatch
Origin: US
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

When was the last time you asked your romantic partner a truly thought-provoking question that illuminated what was special about your connection? This essential guide by the creator of The Skin Deep’s bestselling conversation decks unveils a powerful set of questions to spark meaningful conversations. These 12 questions-such as “What is the pain in me you wish you could heal?”-have been proven to nurture authentic intimacy and amplify joy in your relationship, regardless of age, gender, or sexuality. Drawn from countless hours observing (and holding space for) intimate conversations unfold, author Topaz Adizes shows you how to be braver, go deeper, discover the profound power of vulnerability, and uncover the magic that awaits when you dare to ask the real questions. This book provides the path to feeling more connected with your partner than ever before.