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Hopes and fears : Australian migration stories

ISBN: 9781922507648
Format: Paperback
Publisher: National Library Of Australia (ADS)
Origin: AU
Release Date: August, 2024

Book Details

Stories of migration are very much part of the Australian experience. In most homes in Australia, you will find a bookcase, mantelpiece or shelf with a display of family photos. Intimate galleries chronical the individuals, both young and old, who populate the family tree. Sometimes the images reach back two or three generations, perhaps depicting a relative who embarked on a long and difficult journey to Australia. This treasured portrait testifies to how that journey helped make possible the life their family has today. Why they decided to leave their home? What it was like to arrive in a strange new country? What were the hopes and fears that motivated them to recast their lives in such a dramatic way? The history of migration to Australia consists of many individual stories of those who made the journey to Australia and their struggle to start a new life. To understand this history, you need to interrogate the evidence left from the past. The Hopes and Fears exhibition showcases a fascinating selection of these many and varied records from Australia’s migration history.