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The Bloomberg guide to business journalism

ISBN: 9780231198356
Format: Paperback
Publisher: *Columbia Business School Publis
Origin: US
Release Date: March, 2024

Book Details

The Bloomberg Guide to Business Journalism provides students and professionals with the essential tools for reporting on companies, industries, financial markets, economies, banks, and government policies anywhere in the world. It illustrates how to chronicle capitalism for different audiences-from general consumers of business news to market specialists-and how to present compelling stories across print, web, video, and audio formats. At the heart of the book are exercises and explanations that demonstrate the most appropriate ways to cover a range of business topics. For those looking to begin careers as business journalists, the guide offers step-by-step instructions for reporting and breaking news, emphasizing high standards for accuracy and fairness. Readers will learn key questions to ask when interviewing executives, how to interpret a company financial statement, why markets move, and much more. An engaging and easy-to-understand storyline set in a fictional “Businessworld” accessibly conveys key concepts. The book offers clear advice on reporting, writing, editing, and producing multimedia content for today’s busy readers, listeners, and viewers. Chapters can be used for individual study or university instruction, and material can be customized for settings from a weeklong workshop to a full semester course. This authoritative book shows readers how to excel in business journalism and related communication fields at a time when the media landscape is changing rapidly and dramatically.