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Staying healthy when you travel : avoiding bugs, bites, bellyaches, and more

ISBN: 9781620083789
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Fox Chapel (HEDS)
Origin: US
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

You’re finally packed and ready to go on the vacation you’ve been planning for months. But did you remember to plan for what happens if you get sick or stung abroad? Author Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth is an expert in parasitology, vector ecology, and child health, and she’s also traveled around the world to treat the sick. She condenses all her years of medical experience into this incredibly helpful guide that’s packed with crucial case histories, advice on immunizations and other precautions to take, tables and maps that match disease risk to countries, tips to protect yourself from insects and worms, and so much more. So before you head to the airport, pack this book along with your first-aid kit and you’ll be good to go!