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On thriving : harnessing joy through life’s great labors

ISBN: 9780593496671
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Random House Group
Origin: US
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

In On Thriving, Brandi Sellerz-Jackson helps us wade through what she calls the four great labours of our lives-labours that she’s had to overcome and that she has led many clients through. Drawing from her experiences as a doula and intimate storytelling from her own life, Sellerz-Jackson guides us through the many phases of these great labours, labours that we can get stuck in, stunting our ability to thrive. Across age, gender, economic status, or background, we all move through the great labor of our relationships, our mental health, grief and loss, and the feeling of being othered. Sellerz-Jackson doesn’t shy away from the pitfalls of these labours but rather challenges us to actively remain present within them and ask ourselves- What do I need to thrive in the space I’m currently in? In On Thriving, you’ll come to recognize the survival tools you’ve picked up along the way and exchange them for thriving tools and “rich-uals.” You’ll commit to no longer making a home out of chaos and rediscovering sanctuary within yourself. Comparing our thriving to that of plant life, Sellerz-Jackson simplifies the complicated & oftentimes overwhelming journey, as we attempt to grow in an inhospitable environment. With insightful and vulnerable storytelling, she invites a deep, soul-stirring investigation of our past and present to gather all that we need to thrive right where we are, right now.