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Armchair conversations on love and autism

ISBN: 9781787759138
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Origin: GB
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Filled with first-hand accounts and the best kept secrets to help your relationship bloom, this book is a deep dive into loving autistic relationships and the unique strengths that drive them. Based on clinical experience and emerging research, ASC counselling expert Eva Mendes explores the complex and fulfilling relationships between neurodiverse couples. This book takes you on a journey into the relationships of 20 neurodiverse couples from all walks of life, offering insight into how they meet the challenges of daily life and the unique strengths being neurodiverse can bring to a being a partner or co-parent. The couples share down-to-earth and candid recollections of the ups and downs of their relationships, weighing in on topics from emotional connection and sex to managing co-parenting and finances. Exploring multiple intersections from race, gender and sexuality across autistic relationships, and ironing out the common myths surrounding them, Eva offers a specialist, clinical perspective on each dynamic and provides examples of best practice to have a healthy and happy relationship.