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Dust collection systems and solutions for every budget : complete guide to protecting your lungs and eyes

ISBN: 9781497104150
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Fox Chapel (HEDS)
Origin: US
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

Keep your workshop and lungs safe! No matter how big or small your workshop space is, making your shop safe is essential for long-term health and preventing serious respiratory issues. This book is the ultimate guide to managing the dust in your workspace — be it woodworking dust, epoxy resin dust, or metalworking dust — and covers everything you need to know to be safe, from explanations of dust hazards and proper PPE to shop vacuums, shop-wide collection systems, air filtration systems, and location- and tool-specific dust collectors. Also included are helpful photos, graphics, and exploded views of different systems and shop layouts. Great for beginners to understand what precautions to take and helpful for experienced makers to be sure their space is up-to-par, this must-have resource is crucial for everyone with a workshop.