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Think like a spy : master the art of influence and build life-changing alliances

ISBN: 9780349440606
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Piatkus Non Fiction (ADS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: May, 2024

Book Details

Every day, intelligence officers achieve the unimaginable. They persuade people to share classified secrets with them. To become traitors, in fact. And their targets do it willingly, despite the risk of imprisonment, torture and, even, execution. Spies achieve this thanks to their structured use of nine secret skills of espionage. In Think Like a Spy, you’ll learn these techniques and how to adapt them for effective & ethical use in your own life. A good spy is a people-person. She knows how to identify a potential agent, how to attract their attention and what to do to build an enduring relationship with them. From this base, she will coax out personal information to work out what makes her target tick. She will use that knowledge and her understanding of human psychology to her advantage while winning lasting commitment from her new ally. All these skills can be mastered & turned to use in civilian life. The author realised that he used all of them in his own progress from the poorest postcode in Britain to Oxford University, into a blue-blooded stockbroking firm, and on to a thrilling and varied career in the security and intelligence worlds. Julian uses a wide variety of stories from this journey to illustrate how spy skills can be adapted to situations and challenges that we all face. Everyone is capable of thinking like a spy and of using that thinking to transform their lives. This is your opportunity to learn how.