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The future of service is 5D : why humans serve best in the digital era

ISBN: 9781923007451
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Publish Central
Origin: AU
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

The Future of Service is 5D: Why humans serve best in the digital era, is a book that aspires to redefine our understanding of what service means in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. An eminent voice for service leadership and customer service mastery, Jaquie Scammell has tackled the hard question; how to reclaim the human in ‘human service’. 5D service is a new paradigm that brings the quintessential human qualities of service back into the limelight. This book will equip you with a new framework for understanding and implementing service – a 5D approach that leverages the strengths of both humans and technology. You’ll learn what each of these dimensions entail, how to harmonise them, and how to lead a revolution in your own sphere of influence. The actionable tools within the book make it a valuable resource for every aspiring and current service leader.