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The fast future blur : discover transformative interconnections shaping the future

ISBN: 9781394220403
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Wiley
Origin: GB
Release Date: June, 2024

Book Details

The future blurs strategy, business models, technology, work, and leadership — are you ready? Fast Future Blur provides invaluable insights and strategic frameworks to navigate the complexity of our current period of rapid and radical transformation (‘Fast Future’ phase). Focused on the interconnected nature of the evolution underway, the book serves as an eye-opener for business leaders, providing guidance in understanding this dynamic and complex landscape. Fast Future Blur delves into 12 key areas of change, including platform businesses, regenerative innovation, artificial intelligence, the future of healthcare, the future of work, the future of mobility, blockchain, metaverse, virtual & augmented reality, leadership, agility, fintech, and the impact from 6 inter-connections. With compelling, powerful, and timely insights from the Fast Future Executive faculty — a global consortium of experts and industry leaders, many of whom are associated with the World Economic Forum, top business and technology schools and leading global companies — Fast Future Blur is an essential resource to prepare for the complexities of the future.