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The contemplative leader

ISBN: 9781637744277
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Benbella Books
Origin: US
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

The most effective leaders are deeply aware of how their presence impacts every dimension of their leadership. This guide shows leaders in any organization how to move beyond the daily noise of your environment and connect with people to bring about change where it matters most. Featuring interviews with world-renowned leaders, from Richard Rohr (contemplative teacher) to Margaret Wheatley (author of Leadership and the New Science) and Matthew McCarthy (former CEO of Ben & Jerry’s), this book provides a framework for understanding how best to connect with who we are and with those whom we lead. Whether you are a seasoned leader in need of a reset to connect with what’s most important, new to leadership and looking for some “soul” work to do to develop authentic influence, or seeking to integrate beneficial practices into your active roles inside and outside of work, The Contemplative Leader is a comprehensive guide to shaping relationships and systems to use your power and influence for good.