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Shareworthy : advertising that creates powerful connections through storytelling

ISBN: 9780231208260
Format: Hardback
Publisher: *Columbia Business School Publis
Origin: US
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, a brand must tell meaningful stories that resonate with their target audiences across media channels. People want more than a utilitarian benefit-stories are ultimately what drive us to engage with brands. And we want to align ourselves with brands that are ethical and purpose-driven and that take responsibility for their actions and messaging. This indispensable book reveals what makes brand stories “shareworthy” and guides readers through creating relevant and resonant advertising. Combining practitioner and academic perspectives, Robin Landa and Greg Braun offer a roadmap for conceiving and developing creative advertising campaigns that are responsible and inclusive-and that audiences enthusiastically share. They demonstrate that shareworthy storytelling embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, purpose, and brand activism and eschews tropes, stereotypes, and negative messaging. The book features candid interviews with expert practitioners spanning diverse global communities who share the hard-earned wisdom of their award-winning campaigns, as well as insightful case studies from major companies like Amazon, Nike, the New York Times, and Dove. Timely and actionable, Shareworthy shows current and aspiring marketing professionals how to craft a story, connect with the audience, and embrace social responsibility throughout.