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ISBN: 9781774583579
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Us Agency (ADS)
Origin: CA
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Discover and embrace the unseen leadership potential in your company for outstanding results In this ground-breaking new book, author Jennifer Kenny reveals the underutilized leadership traits within every organization and teaches you how to identify and amplify them, for outrageous success. Drawing on 25 years of experience in management and leadership coaching, along with extensive research in business and science, Kenny explores the spectrum of masculine and feminine leadership traits – traits both men and women may have in different balances – and the benefits of all when utilized equally in leadership and teambuilding. She clearly shows how a gender-balanced approach over an often male-dominated one can work to your company’s advantage, and breaks down the 7 key areas of corporate performance metrics to give you the tools to optimize success in each one. Do you want to capture new markets? Ensure employee loyalty? Make smarter, faster decisions? 100% Capacity will have you utilizing all the leadership potential within your organization and seeing the benefits in both your workforce and your bottom line.