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Out there: a camper cookbook : recipes from the wild

ISBN: 9798886740783
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Weldon Owen (HEDS)
Origin: US
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

This cookbook presents the story and recipes of a professional cook who ditched New York City after 14 years and started to cook in an off-the-grid camper. The adventure-rich result is a collection of easy, flavorful, beautiful recipes to make in a tiny space and serve up wherever you are. What happens when a professional cook ditches New York City after 14 years to relearn how to cook in an off-the-grid camper? This book. Out There, written by a professional chef cooking in an off-the-grid camper, helps readers get the most out of their unconventional kitchen space, and their pantry. Along with delicious, sophisticated recipes, this is a guide for paring down kitchen clutter and stocking a versatile pantry while maximizing the efficiency of any small cooking space–and learning to cook and eat like a pro while living the camper life. With open-fire cooking tips and an emphasis on seasonal eating, Out There treats nature not just as a source for ingredients but as an extension of the kitchen. Threaded through the 50 recipes is the engaging and lively voice of the author, a real-life chef who traded in an 800 square foot loft in Brooklyn for a 200 square foot off-grid camper in the woods.