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My Tel Aviv table : a journey of flavours and aromas from a sun-soaked city

ISBN: 9781848994171
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Watkins Media Limited (UBD)
Origin: GB
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

Compiled from one family’s roots across the Middle East and the Mediterranean, this is a collection of healthy recipes packed with the flavours, aromas and stories of Tel Aviv. Limor Chen is known for serving up fragrant, exciting and vibrant dishes to transport you to sun-soaked Tel Aviv. In her debut cookbook gorgeously presented in real cloth-bound hardback, Limor shares her wholesome cooking style, one that centres on health and freshness, ensuring that each recipe is packed with flavour and fragrance while remaining light and nourishing. These recipes represent the authentic cooking of a food capital of the world, a cultural melting pot of cuisines and inhabitants, ingredients and aromas: Discover multiple ways to use herbs and spices like za’atar with aubergine or aromatic dried limes in an Iranian beef stew. Lace addictively tangy sumac into labneh or use it to finish a white wine sauce with brill. Share bubbling shakshuka for brunch, fig and goats cheese salad, and a vibrant chopped salad served mezze-style Try stunning cod chermoula with Israeli cous cous or a legendary family recipe for vine leaves stuffed with venison and fruit. All served with deceptively simple pickles and dips on the side. With the best of Limor’s family’s recipes that evoke the spirit of her home city, this a cookbook that you’ll return to time and again for a taste of Tel Aviv.