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Chinese pastry school

ISBN: 9789815084627
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Intnl Asia
Origin: SG
Release Date: October, 2023

Book Details

What kinds of desserts did the ancient Chinese enjoy? Why does the Chinese word for sugar have the character rice in it? Is there a scientific basis to traditional Chinese pastry techniques? Find the answers to these questions and more in a Chinese Pastry School with pastry chef Yeo Min. Pastries and desserts have long been an understated part of Chinese cuisine. Beyond mooncakes and pineapple tarts, the Chinese pastry repertoire involves a full range of techniques from sugar work to puff pastry; even jelly-making and medicinal soups. Given its long and rich history, however, the craft is also riddled with tightly-held secrets and age-old superstitions that can make it difficult for newcomers to fully grasp its nuances. Pastry chef Yeo Min demystifies the techniques and provides a comprehensive collection of recipes to guide you through the art of Chinese pastry- and dessert-making, just as a pastry school would. Emerge as a master of the craft with Chinese Pastry School