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Twentieth-century Europe : 1900 to the present

ISBN: 9781119878735
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Origin: US
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

Provides an engaging narrative account of modern European history, featuring new chapters on modern Europe and the post-Cold War world Twentieth-Century Europe: 1900 to the Present provides a concise and accessible review of the significant themes & major events that shaped European history from the beginning of the twentieth century. This student-friendly textbook places Europe in a global context as it explores key themes such as the slow unraveling of European colonial & political power throughout the world, the emergence of the United States as a major influence on European politics, the different postwar approaches to European cooperation, and competing perspectives on political, economic, and social questions. Each of the book’s four parts opens with a brief overview, summarizing the main themes of the period and providing historical context to the upcoming chapters. The text is organized chronologically, with each chapter including a brief chronology. Maps, tables, Illustrations, and photographs are scattered throughout. The fourth edition of Twentieth-Century Europe : 1900 to the Present offers an extensive revision of all chapters, including new and updated content on Brexit; terrorist attacks in France, Belgium, Germany, and Britain; the Covid-19 pandemic; the Russian invasion of Ukraine; the rise of right-wing parties in Italy and Hungary; and much more. Discussions of intellectual and cultural trends are included, enabling readers to examine political and economic developments in their historical context.