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The red widow

ISBN: 9781728280332
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Sourcebooks (UBD)
Origin: US
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

Sex, corruption & power, the rise & fall of the Red Widow of Paris Paris, 1889, Margeurite Steinheil is a woman with ambition. But having been born into a middle-class family and trapped in a marriage to a failed artist twenty years her senior, she knows her options are limited. Determined to fashion herself into a new woman, Meg orchestrates a scandalous plan with her most powerful resource, her body. Amid the dazzling glamor, art & romance of bourgeois Paris, she takes elite men as her lovers, charming her way into the good graces of the rich & powerful. Her ambitions, though, go far beyond becoming the most desirable woman in Paris; at her core, she is a woman determined to conquer French high society. But the game she plays is a perilous one, navigating misogynistic double-standards, public scrutiny, & political intrigue, she is soon vaulted into infamy in the most dangerous way possible. A real-life femme fatale, Meg influences government positions and resorts to blackmail-and maybe even poisoning, to get her way. Leaving a trail of death & disaster in her wake, she earns the name the “Red Widow” for mysteriously surviving a home invasion that leaves both her husband & mother dead. With the police baffled & the public enraged, Meg breaks every rule in the bourgeois handbook & becomes the most notorious woman in Paris.