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SAS great escapes three : gripping true escape stories executed by World War Two heroes

ISBN: 9781529429442
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Quercus (ADS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: May, 2024

Book Details

SAS Great Escapes Three recounts how warriors of the world’s most famous fighting force, the SAS, carried out five of the most daring escapes of World War Two. Ranging from the very birth of the SAS, to the post D-day battles for Nazi-occupied Europe, these gripping true stories cover some of the most iconic operations of the Regiment, and its key characters, while also including untold tales of courage and endurance beyond compare. Told in classic Damien Lewis style, each tale plunges the reader into the escapees’ experiences, sharing the most terrifying yet astounding moments of their lives. They include unimaginable accounts of survival in the face of staggering odds, episodes of nerve-wracking bluff and deception, plus knife-edge ambushes with enemy forces hellbent on wreaking vengeance. In this new volume of incredible special forces feats, best-selling author Damien Lewis has worked closely with World War Two veterans and the families of those portrayed, accessing wartime diaries, letters, mission reports, interrogation transcripts and more, to relate how the men of the SAS were hunted by the enemy and forced to fight their way out of certain death or capture. Around every corner, upon every decision and every movement lurked the possibility of discovery. Yet with every step, breath and turn taken, these fugitives epitomized the do or die spirit of the SAS to overcome.