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Paris ’44 : the shame and the glory

ISBN: 9780241492970
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Viking (UBD)
Origin: GB
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

When the Germans marched in and the lamps went out in the City of Light the millions who loved Paris mourned. Liberation, four years later, triggered an explosion of joy and relief. It was the party of the century and everybody who was anybody was there. General Charles de Gaulle seized the moment to create an instant legend that would take its place alongside the great moments in French history. After years of oppression and humiliation Parisians had risen to reclaim their city & drive out the forces of darkness, or so the story went. This fresh new account of the liberation, packed with revelation, tells the story of those heady days of suspense, danger, exhilaration and vengeance, through the eyes of a range of participants, reflecting all sides of the conflict- Americans, French and Germans; resisters and collaborators. Among them are famous names like Ernest Hemingway, J.D. Salinger and Pablo Picasso, but also some fascinating unknowns including a medic turned Resistance gun-woman, an androgynous Hungarian sculptor and a French bluestocking who quietly set about saving the nation’s art treasures from the Nazi looters. Paris ’44 looks behind the mythology to tell the real story of the liberation and expose the conflicts and contradictions of France under the occupation, the shame as well as the glory. This gripping war-time narrative will enthral anyone who has a place for Paris in their hearts.