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I will be good

ISBN: 9781399715867
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hachette Ireland (ADS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: June, 2024

Book Details

Peig McManus was born into the last of Dublin’s tenements before moving to one of Ireland’s first social housing estates in Cabra. Her father believed that children should earn their keep and learn to face reality as soon as possible. While that reality was poverty, class prejudice and strict Catholicism, at the heart of Peig’s earliest memories are music, hoolies and the bonds of family and community. I Will Be Good is the story of a girl who rebelled against societal expectations and dreamed of further education. It tells of a young woman whose hopes of marriage to a Scottish sailor ended in the heartbreak of a daughter given up for adoption; of a mother who needed something more than her ‘place at home’; and of a pioneering citizen who became one of Ireland’s foremost campaigners for educational reform. Now, in her eighties, Peig shares her story of grit and courage: an inspiring journey through the trials and triumphs of a remarkable Irish woman who refused to do what she was told.