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The joy of consent : a philosophy of good sex

ISBN: 9780674279131
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Origin: US
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

In the age of #MeToo, consent has become the ultimate answer to problems of sexual harassment & violence: as long as all parties agree to sex, the act is legitimate. Critics argue that consent, and its awkward confirmation, rob sex of its sexiness. But those objections are answered with charges that to dislike the consent regime is merely to defend a masculine erotics of silence and mystery, a pillar of patriarchy. In The Joy of Consent , French philosopher Manon Garcia upends the assumptions that underlie this very American debate, reframing consent as an ally of pleasure rather than a legalistic killjoy. In doing so, she rejects conventional wisdom on all sides. As a legal norm, consent can prove rickety: consent alone doesn’t make sex licit-adults engaged in BDSM are morally and legally suspect even when they consent. And nonconsensual sex is not, as many activists insist, always rape. People often agree to sex because it is easier than the alternative, she argues, challenging the simplistic equation between consent and noncoercion. Drawing on sources rarely considered together-from Kantian ethics to kink practices-Garcia offers an alternative framework grounded in commitments to autonomy and dignity. While consent, she argues, should not be a definitive legal test, it is essential to realizing intimate desire, free from patriarchal domination. Cultivating consent makes sex sexy. By appreciating consent as the way toward an ethical sexual flourishing rather than a legal litmus test, Garcia adds a fresh voice to the struggle for freedom, equality, and security from sexist violence.