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The Brontes of Haworth Moor

ISBN: 9781538172315
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Origin: US
Release Date: November, 2023

Book Details

A fascinating look into the Bronte sisters’ lives and how they achieved their childhood dreams of being published authors. In 1820, the Bronte family traveled to their new home on the edge of Haworth Moor. There, the Bronte sisters and their brother were given the freedom to explore and expand their imaginative minds, providing the inspiration needed to create literary masterpieces that would be enjoyed for generations to come. In The Brontes of Haworth Moor: How the Three Daughters of a Country Parson Became the Most Revolutionary Novelists of Their Time, Diane Browning brings to life the world of the young Brontes. After the death of their mother at a young age followed by the loss of their two oldest sisters to tuberculosis, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, along with their brother Branwell, discovered that play-acting, games, and writing brought a welcome distraction and joy into their lives. Browning captivatingly reveals how these activities, along with their life on the moor, their brief stints at boarding schools, and their experiences as teachers and governesses, greatly influenced their novels. Though the Brontes’ lives included sorrow and heartbreak, the three sisters achieved their childhood dreams of publishing their writings to great acclaim, despite being unknown, unconnected, and unmarried women. The Brontes of Haworth Moor brings to light all that Charlotte, Emily, and Anne had to overcome to become celebrated authors whose works are still read over and over again almost 200 years later.