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Even more embarrassing dad jokes: so bad they’re actually good

ISBN: 9780008604080
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pavilion (HEDS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

The follow-up to Ian Allen’s uproarious Embarassing Dad Jokes, Even More Embarrassing DAD JOKES takes the ‘dad joke book’ to new dimensions! Even More Embarrassing DAD JOKES builds on the strength of Ian Allen’s original Embarrassing Dad Jokes book that has enjoyed regular strong sales in the US, UK and Australia. The chicken finally takes a break from crossing the road in this attractively packaged joke book, which majors on – among many other things – the beaver: What do you call a German beaver with an obsession for building dams on ladders? Gotterdammerung What’s a beaver’s least favourite film? The Dam Busters Packed with graphics and bursting with ideas, it is both funny and clever with winning punchlines on every page, from the grand master of the dad joke. What do you call a bear who leans on its paws? Pauline I wrote a great book on how to build a new staircase at home… It was a step-by-step guide. I met a woman who likes setting fire to banks. I said, ‘that’s a perfect job for you, Bernadette.’ Why do Badgers dislike Wimbledon so much? They hate going to five sets.