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Big ideas, little pictures

ISBN: 9781956403572
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Us Agency (ADS)
Origin: US
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

In Big Ideas, Little Pictures, Jono Hey explains complex concepts through a combination of simple sketches and straightforward, easy-to-understand text. It’s a fun, engaging approach to grasping challenging information, that’s perhaps most clearly stated by one of his readers: “I love seeing difficult concepts displayed in an understandable way. Democratizing knowledge. There are a lot of podcasts that I listen to: Stuff You Should Know or TED Talks but they each take up 30 minutes. With Sketchplanations – BOOM – in one picture I can get the gist of an idea and then your supporting text clarifies it even further.” In addition to making you smarter and better informed in less time, Big Ideas, Little Pictures is also a light-hearted, witty gift – the perfect display piece for anyone who wants something that can be picked up and flipped through at any point, with the assurance that they going to come across something to pique their interest, with topics ranging from the difference between an Americano and a Long Black coffee to Survivorship Bias, the Abilene Paradox and so much more. Perfect for children as well as adults, Big Ideas, Little Pictures opens up a world of fascinating facts at a glance.