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Beyond worksheets : creative ways to teach and engage students

ISBN: 9781394200115
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Origin: AU
Release Date: June, 2024

Book Details

Make better use of the tools you already have to improve learning outcomes and improve your work-life balance Beyond Worksheets helps K-12 teachers make learning fun, engaging, and relevant using the latest research, actionable classroom strategies, and the ed tech software and systems they already have. Used correctly, these tools let you deepen learning, student engagement, and student participation. As a former teacher, author Amy Minter Mayer knows that, regardless of schoolwide initiatives and rollouts, it’s what happens behind the closed doors of a classroom that affects the teacher’s success. She wrote Beyond Worksheets as a self-paced guide that empowers teachers, without waiting for school-wide adoption of new tools. Readers will: Learn skills to cultivate classroom culture in a technology-infused environment. Transform teaching strategies to meet the needs and challenges of learners. Prepare effective lessons that include accommodations while also supporting student focus and engagement using research and brain-based approaches. Access templates, strategies, and techniques any educator can employ to drive engagement and increase learning in the classroom. Beyond Worksheets is for teachers and instructional leaders who want to make the most of available on-hand tools and the latest research with strategies and resources that will help students learn and improve the lives of teachers.