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Sam the trap man : cracking yarns and tall tales from the bush

ISBN: 9781991006691
Format: Paperback
Publisher: A&U New Zealand (UBD)
Origin: NZ
Release Date: August, 2024

Book Details

With cracking yarns, hilarious tales and antics to rival Barry Crump, Sam Gibson is a modern outdoorsman with an incredible life story to tell. Sam Gibson, aka Sam the Trap Man, is a bushman through and through: hunting, fishing, trapping and adventuring, he does it all. As an unruly teenager starting to get into mischief Sam’s parents and teachers struck an unusual deal, letting him take time out of school to spend it in the outdoors, a path which would first steer him away from trouble and eventually come to define his life. In a series of cracking yarns about his life spent in the bush – which are by turns funny, thrilling, astonishing and touching – Sam tells the story of his life so far. From shooting his first deer, to labouring through freezing cold South Island winters as a young trapper, to the time he woke up somehow covered in blood, each chapter weaves together the story of an incredible life full of adventure, hard work and a deep love for the bush and the native creatures who live in it. Protecting these animals and ecosystems is a life’s calling for Sam – every decision he makes in the bush is made to help it thrive.