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How to not work forever : start investing and build a life you love

ISBN: 9781394248865
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Wiley
Origin: AU
Release Date: June, 2024

Book Details

If you want to live your dream life tomorrow, you need to make the right investing choices today If money wasn’t an issue, how would your life be different? The truth is that relying solely on your day job won’t guarantee a life free from financial stress. The average nine-to-five might pay your bills, but there’s a gap you need to fill if you want to get to a financially free lifestyle you love. The key is to start investing: start small, and start now. The good news? It’s not as hard as you think! With How to Not Work Forever, you’ll discover how to make your money go further and grow faster – by investing in shares and ETFs. How to Not Work Forever breaks down the info and tools you need to keep up with inflation and grow your wealth. Tash (aka @tashinvests) and Ana, money experts and hosts of the popular Get Rich Slow Club podcast, walk you step-by-step through setting your goals and getting started in the sharemarket. They share simple, practical advice that can help you create long-term financial freedom – the kind of freedom that lets you seize new opportunities and embrace a life that fulfils you. Through hands-on strategies and real-world stories, you’ll discover how and what to buy, when to sell, and how to handle taxes and fees.