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Hua Mulan

ISBN: 9789887679127
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Sendpoints Publishing (ADS)
Origin: HK
Release Date: November, 2023

Book Details

Graphic Novel Series, published by SendPoints, is a collection of original inspirations by cartoonists and illustrators from all over the world with diverse cultural backgrounds. Following on from Basic Art, this series creates a distinct artistic expression and reading experience of the graphic novel with strong visual impact and a variety of styles. It re-explains the definition of “art collection” through “image,” presenting a collection that is more artistic than comic and more vivid than the novel. The widespread of the folk song Ballad of Mulan immortalizes the legendary heroine Hua Mulan, who takes her aged father’s place in the conscription for the army by disguising herself as a man, for centuries. The story of Mulan is not only a heroic epic, but also a legend manifesting women’s independent spirit. Mulan is filial to her parents, loyal to her county and fights with the enemy to death on the battlefield, expressing the freedom and self-consciousness awakening of ancient women and reflecting the pursuit of gender equality of modern women. This book uses the medium of the graphic novel to disseminate the spirit of traditional Chinese culture both domestically and internationally.