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Techno-nationalism : how it’s reshaping trade, geopolitics and society

ISBN: 9781119766063
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Wiley
Origin: US
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Essential perspective on the emerging role of techno-nationalism in global relations, trade and geopolitics TECHNO-Nationalism holds that a nation’s security, economic competitiveness and social stability are linked to the technological prowess of its institutions and enterprises. Alex Capri draws upon decades of experience in US-China commerce and reveals how techno-nationalism has accelerated Washington and Beijing’s cold war. You’ll see, firsthand, how the world is moving away from an open-market trading system of the past 70 years, and reverting to a fragmented, murky form of neo-mercantilism. This is a paradigm shift driven by the rise of China Inc. The author presents high profile cases involving Huawei and other companies to demonstrate how techno-nationalism will disrupt not only global value chains for deep technologies such as semiconductors, AI and robotics, but also for data management and digital platforms. This will have a pervasive effect on everything from the automotive to the pharmaceutical industries. From a trade perspective, you’ll learn how the global system is fracturing and coalescing into different blocs, each tethered to unique standards and values regarding the applications of technology. TECHNO-Nationalism lays out scenarios involving strategic decoupling, reshoring and ring-fencing of industries. All of this compels multinational businesses and policy makers to reorient efforts around corporate governance and diplomacy.