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The narrow path : how the subversive way of Jesus satisfies our souls

ISBN: 9780593444276
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Christian/Forum (UBD)
Origin: US
Release Date: August, 2024

Book Details

A compelling call to embrace the countercultural values of Jesus, which lead to a life of love, peace, and fulfilment, from the bestselling author of The Deeply Formed Life, winner of the Christianity Today Book Award. We live in a culture that wants it all. More is seen as better-whether it’s more money, social media fame, choices, or power. For those chasing this way of life, “narrow” seems negative. Who wants to narrow their options . . . or be seen as narrow-minded? Which is why the most well-known talk in the history of the world-the Sermon on the Mount-is also the most paradoxical one. In it, Jesus holds up the narrow path as the most spacious . . . and the broader path as the more confining one. Rich Villodas, bestselling author of The Deeply Formed Life, explores what today’s broad and narrow paths look like so you can discern which one you’re on. The answer may surprise you-and will help you pursue the way of Jesus more deeply when it comes to loving God and others, prayer, sexual desire, conflict, money, anxiety, and more. The Narrow Path reintroduces the counterintuitive wonder of Jesus’s timeless wisdom for this age, one fraught with anxiety, depression, polarizing politics, and online vitriol. The path of Jesus is most certainly narrow, but it is the only one filled with the ever-expanding life of God . . . and it is available now for all who want it!