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Never shaken : finding your footing when the world is sliding away

ISBN: 9780802416940
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Origin: US
Release Date: March, 2024

Book Details

Finding a firm foundation in a shaken and fractured world. Do you feel tossed about or a little disoriented? The foundations of predictable society are shifting. In this ambiguous cultural forecast, we’re wondering what’s right, what matters most, and how we should respond. How do we build a meaningful life and legacy when our lives feel fragile, when our future seems discouragingly uncertain? With a pastoral heart Daniel Henderson looks to Psalm 15 when David, late in his years was also trying to make sense of the strangest of times. David felt the unexpected loss of family, dignity, and destiny. Some of his pain was the result of seeds he’d sown earlier in his life. Yet, as he penned Psalm 15, he was led to the solid ground of intimacy with God and integrity in his own life. He was left with the promise from God that He would always be secure, never moved.┬áThe burdens under which David was laboring are staggeringly similar to our own. In Never Shaken, Henderson shows us how to build our lives on the gospel of Jesus Christ. He reveals how true worship and the presence of God is found in Christ’s life in and through us. This book is an invaluable resource for all who desire to live with the hope and courage of Jesus Christ no matter what befalls us.