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Honest Christianity

ISBN: 9780645836509
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Honest Christianity Media
Origin: US
Release Date: March, 2024

Book Details

Christianity is founded on the historical premise that a human being died, rose again from the dead, violating what is the most certain law in all human existence: death. How can modern and serious people still believe this nonsense? Honest Christianity outlines the best evidence and arguments for how people can still reasonably believe the Christian message today. It will lay bare the evidence for which people derive Christian belief and provide answers to tough questions that modern culture presents to Christianity. Written in an honest and direct style the author endeavours to give you all the information you need to evaluate Christianity in an efficient and dynamic manner. No matter where your conclusions might rest at the end of the book, you will be content in having obtained a considered and informed view of the world’s largest religion. Given the indelible mark that Christianity has left throughout history, this can be considered time well spent.