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Eclipse : our sky’s most dazzling phenomenon

ISBN: 9781984859464
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed (UBD)
Origin: US
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

Awe-inspiring, majestic, and always a little otherworldly, eclipses have captivated our imaginations for thousands of years. Whether plunged into darkness as the sun disappears in the middle of the day or enchanted by the moon’s blood red glow as a vast shadow creeps across its surface, our ancestors both feared and revered eclipses, seeking to understand these striking celestial events through both storytelling and science. In Eclipse, artist and author Kelsey Oseid explores the science and mystique of lunar and solar eclipses, from the myths of our ancestors to today. Did you know that in Chinese legends, solar eclipses were caused by dragons eating the sun? Or that the Norse people believed that a sky wolf chased away the moon? Oseid presents these rich historical stories alongside informative, accessible science to enrich your understanding- a solar eclipse only occurs during a new moon; a selenelion is when you can see the lunar eclipse in front of you and the sunset behind you; and the Mars Rovers have even taken photographs of eclipses from Mars. Filled with captivating information and vivid, colourful illustrations, Eclipse will delight and inspire astronomy lovers of all ages.